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What are the main modules of the Regenokine® Program?

  1. Injection Procedure
  2. Nutrition
  3. Lifestyle/Exercise

The Regenokine® injection procedure - and how does it work?

  • We would like to state that the injection procedures and programs described in this book have nothing to do with PRP, stem cells or autologous plasma. It is a completely different treatment approach. The gene test mentioned in this book is not FDA approved and therefore not available in the US.
  • The information contained in this book is based on the experience and research of the authors. It is not intended as a substitute for or addition to consulting with your physician or other health care provider. Any attempt to diagnose and treat an illness should be done under the direction of a health care professional. The authors are not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of any of the suggestions, preparations, or procedures discussed in this book.
  • We carefully analyze each person's case, based upon medical history, clinical findings, X-ray and MRI results, and a standardized questionnaire. Regenokine also works by creating an abundant supply of the body`s own most powerful anti-inflammatory, substance, e.g. IL-1Ra, TGF-ß, which is simultaneously injected into the joint or the nerve root, thereby inhibiting inflammation an promoting tissue health.
  • The process, by which this occurs is relatively simple, but required a tremendous amount of research over a long period of time. This research, along with the other elements of the Regenokine Program, was conducted in some of the most advanced research laboratories in the world, under the direction, primarily, of Dr. Peter Wehling and various colleagues at the University of North Carolina, Harvard University, and the University of Pittsburgh.
  • It involves drawing blood from a patient, creating a serum from this blood that is rich in IL-1Ra and other growth factors, and then injecting this serum directly into the joint or the nerve root sometimes in combination with so called recombined proteins. This  creates almost immediate improvement in many patients. In others, it can take several weeks to reach full effect. The impact of the therapy typically lasts for two to four years. In the case of disc prolapse disease, the effect of the therapy is often permanent, because the therapy promotes long-term healing of the prolapsed disc. We are convinced that the number of spinal operations in the U.S. and other countries could be reduced by approximately one-third, if the Regenokine® Program were applied. This, of course, would represent a major advancement especially in the treatment of low back pain.
  • The type of approach in which substances from a patient`s own body are used to promote healing is known as autologous therapy. Autologous therapies are relatively uncommon, but those that exist are well known, and include for example, auto blood transfusions, skin grafts, and stem cell therapies.
  • In Regenokine procedure, we use an individualized selection of autologous proteins, as well as recombinant proteins. The individualization is achieved primarily through medical history, clinical findings, stage of Osteoarthritis, radiological findings and a mathematical algorithm. This personalization of the program has increased its effectiveness greatly.


What foods can you eat, when you have arthritis?

  • Eating the right kind of diet can help prevent and control arthritis, and significantly diminish the pain of existing arthritis.
  • To adopt an anti-inflammatory diet, you only have to follow 6 basic rules. If you adhere to them, you`ll not only help prevent some of the worst possible problems later on in life, but will get an immediate payback in vitality, mood, cognitive function, and resistance to minor illness.


What is the best lifestyle against OA and low back pain?

  • Good Diet
  • Sufficient exercise
  • Sleep
  • Healthy perspective